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Thursday, March 26, 2015

The first race is always special, different from all others, remembers the first day of school.

Valentino Rossi off the twenty candles since joining in the World Championship and jokes, "high school is over, now is the university." The dream of the Doctor is the tenth world title, a precious jewel to be set on his crown. Marquez is always the favorite, but the fight behind him is tough and will have to elbow. The winter tests have been concluded with some chiaroscuro but only the Grand Prize will reveal the new balances.
Are you the MotoGP veteran, what did you think when you saw Bayliss back racing in SBK?
"Why the hell has retired eight years ago? (Laughs) I do not know why it came back, it is not easy to get back racing after a period of stop so long. I think we should stop when you no longer want, otherwise you create situations like this or like that of Schumacher back then in Formula 1. Do not ask me when I say enough, Troy is 46 years old? Then at 44! (Laughs). "
Now you start to get serious.
"The first race is always special, different from all others, remembers the first day of school. After testing a few ideas on the general level you do it, but you can understand the situation only in the race. For now I seem all very motivated, there are so many riders and bikes in great shape. "
It will be a good fight in qualifying.
"Even in practice will not be easy, must be immediately fast to be able to stay in the top 10 and enter directly in Q2. In some round we were 10 in the second half, we must be good at working for the race and at the same time to be quick, otherwise everything is complicated. Too bad you missed the last day of testing here in Qatar for the rain, otherwise the situation would be clearer. "
The values ​​expressed in the test might change?
"Even last year in qualifying we were all close but now the situation seems more balanced. In the past many were competitive over one lap, but not on the step, now the situation has changed. In the race, however, everything is different, we have to wait and see what happens. My goal is to fight for the podium. "
The Ducati seem to be dangerous.
"Just look critically at the standings, were the fastest in testing with Marquez. And we're not just talking about a ride. "
Like the night race?
"The positive point is that I can sleep late (laughs). It's a little 'different than usual, when you're in Europe you wake up on a Sunday, then enter the track for the warm-up and in a moment there the race. Here the times are longer, have to be good to maintain concentration. "
If the mood of Valentino is high, even that of Jorge Lorenzo is good. The Mallorcan - despite the latest test below expectations - is cheerful, "arriving at this first GP stronger but especially lighter compared to 2014," quips about his fitness.
Season will be easier?
"No, it will be difficult, as ever in MotoGP. Can not deny that I had some small problems in testing, but nothing too big. I feel strong both mentally and physically. "
It is important to start well.
"Last year I made a mistake and crashed, it was a lesson to learn from. Now the tires are slightly softer than in the past, is a plus. Will I be able to be fast from the free practice. "
You also expect more opponents?
"The Ducati seem strong and in testing we were all close. I look at myself, I'm happy with the work done by Yamaha, but I am also aware that no one has slept in the winter. "

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