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Monday, June 15, 2015

MotoGP™ stays in Catalunya for post-race test

Following an eventful Catalan race weekend the MotoGP™ grid stayed behind for what might be one of the most important tests of the season.

Regulations state that factory entries will have their software “frozen” following the race at Germany’s Sachsenring in two races time, meaning that Monday will be the last opportunity to do a full day of testing on any novelties teams want to introduce.
The Repsol Honda team will be one of those, with Marc Marquez having already stated throughout the race weekend that the team has an upgrade to try to tame the increasingly tough to manage Honda.
Suzuki on the other hand will have yet more track time to get the most out of their more powerful engine that was introduced in FP1 on Friday. Engine mapping and electronic alterations should help the factory squeeze yet more speed out of the welcome addition to its bike.
At the same time Aprilia, who showed good race pace this weekend, are set to test a dry clutch for the first time, which would bring them in line with the rest of the field. A dry clutch would allow them to reduce weight, and run a lower viscosity oil for just the engine, which would reduce friction and add more power.
Whilst many teams are yet to confirm their testing plans, a post race test is always a very welcome part of the season, as teams and riders can work off their reference times from the weekend to see if improvements have really been made.
In addition to the Monday test, Ducati will stay behind in Catalunya for a one-day test on Wednesday, whilst Yamaha will move on to Aragon on Tuesday to work with Michelin tyres, and this season’s Bridgestones the day after.
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