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Friday, September 4, 2015

Brad Pitt: “They’re gladiators to us”

Just ahead of his visit to the British GP, Brad Pitt spoke to ShortList magazine about his undying love of MotoGP™.
“It’s just phenomenal. These guys are so poetic and beautiful, and yet they’re on the edge of complete and utter destruction. It’s incredible, incredible, incredible,” said the Oscar winning actor.
“When I first started, wherever I was, I had to find an outlet who was going to broadcast it and at what time, including in the middle of the night. Now you can just go to to watch it live.” Nothing gets in the way of Brad Pitt watching the flag drop on race day: “I’ll watch with whoever wants to watch with me, my wife, my kids – everyone’s welcome. But I’m definitely watching.”
“I’ve always loved the bike. Over a car any day. These bikes are the ultimate – the space shuttles of the motorcycle world. I started watching a bit in the Nineties, the Mick Doohan years – the great Australian racer. But it wasn’t until Rossi’s time around 2001 that I came maniacal about it. I don’t think I’ve missed a race since,” Pitt’s admiration for the sport the same as even the most fanatical fan.
He remained cagey on his championship predictions though: “Anything could happen right now. It’s really fun at this particular moment. Both Lorenzo and Rossi could drop their bikes in a race and if Marquez was to win that one, suddenly it’s a whole other bag of potatoes. Whoever does get it, earned it, deserves it. It’s been a thrilling season.”
Even when asked who his favourite rider was, the Hollywood A-lister remained a truly neutral fan, enjoying the sheer thrill of the racing itself: “I love Lorenzo, because his focus is absolute – this fighter pilot focus, He’s incredible. And then Rossi is just great. There’s a mythology around all the riders. They’re gladiators to us. These guys have to make decisions at 200mph in milliseconds. It’s just thrilling to watch.”
“You attach your life to it, and either it goes the way you want it to, or it goes against you. The gods are with you or they’re not. The millions of us who follow sports have had that experience. That ride of heartbreak and success, heartbreak and success, heartbreak and success. It’s hard to pull yourself away from that,” Brad Pitt is a MotoGP™ fan for life.
Pitt stars as the narrator of the new MotoGP™ film, ‘Hitting the Apex’ where you can hear his enthusiasm first hand.

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