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Saturday, September 16, 2017

It is a big risk for those who stole Rossi's X-rays

He is not on the track and yet he is always talking about Valentino Rossi. He has done a lot of talk about his stolen X-rays, who has been on the web. Interviewed by 'Il Resto del Carlino', Director-General Caporossi said: "The person responsible for that gesture is likely to be dismissed. It is not up to me to decide directly, there is a specific structure that deals with disciplinary measures. It is clear that my opinion will be heard and assure you that we will go to the bottom. Technically the subject risks a serious punishment and a measure aimed at his dismissal is possible. "
Someone may be logged into the system with the password of others. In this case there would be a 'punishment' even for those who provided the password. Meanwhile, the Post Police investigates. Here is the words of an employee: "The company summoned me to ask why I had entered the archive and opened the file of Valentino Rossi's report. I'm a job clerk, I wanted to see what had happened. I have nothing to hide. "

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