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Friday, September 22, 2017

Valentino Rossi might be in big trouble at Aragon

Choosing to run at Aragon hides a very big risk for Valentino Rossi, who has accepted the particularly dangerous ticket price in Aragon

When you have a plaque and two screws in your leg and a fracture that is not perfectly healed, the risks are big, especially if you do a sport where the fall is around the corner. Modern MotoGPs are real monsters, capable of rewriting some of the driving track parameters. The limit is very high and very slim, and the ability to keep driving within that limit, or just beyond, is the difference between a good rider and the real champion. Speaking of Valentino Rossi, it seems obvious that you are in front of a champion, one who knows the limit perfectly and rarely exceeded it. Reds in his career made very few mistakes, but some have paid them very much. One is that of Mugello in 2010, when he cooled the tires of his M1 and got the bad faded and exposed fracture that put him out of that race to the title of that season. The second very serious, he did in Enduro on August 31 of this season, and in this case he paid with a double fracture to the leg, though less serious than the previous episode.

The recovery was undoubtedly fast, but when you work and insert into the bones of the screws and plaques, there is a residual risk that is strong enough. Just remember the episode about Jorge Lorenzo and the celebrated Assen in 2013. The Spaniard fell into the free, flew to Spain where he worked, and ran the race in general astonishment just two days after the deal. Then two weeks later, at the Sachsenring, Lorenzo fell badly on the fractured collarbone and had to operate again and skip two GPs. Now days between the intervention and the return on the track of the rider, talking about Valentino Rossi, they passed 23. It is not a record, but is still a number of all respect.

And it's a number that makes you think. consulted with Pascarella's medical surgeon (Read the interview here), who made the intervention on Rossi and a precise question about possible consequences for a fall to Aragon, his answer was this: "Do not think, will not fall!" . It would be really wonderful to live in a world where you just want to have something not to happen because this does not. But we are on the ground, and certain things are captain and enough, whether it is desired or not. One may want to not fall, and behave because this does not happen. But if the subject in question, which should not fall, is thrown at 300 km / h on a medium that is kept in precarious balance on a few square squares, the chances of not falling fall drastically.

The fall when running on a bike is part of the game. In the case of Marc Marquez, it is almost a daily practice in the days before the race, which Marquez uses to experience the asphalt tightness limit under certain conditions. The Spaniard always states that "falling is the only way to understand the limit." With this, we do not assume that Valentino should fall over the weekend. But it is clear that the possibility should not be discarded a priori and the risk that runs is very high, much higher than what Jorge Lorenzo ran in 2013 in Assen. Because? We are not physicians, but we have done some math and physics studies. And it is clear that the potential lever consisting of a leg is definitely superior to any angle of impact with a shoulder. This means that a fall in weight would fall on Valentino's leg, subjecting the fracture still not perfectly welded to a potentially too high weight to be supported by a titanium plate and two screws. What are the consequences, then?

They would be really catastrophic, the worst scenario imaginable for any surgeon. A non-welded fracture, two screws, a titanium plate, and a fall on a 260-hp monster. These elements put together, appear to be the screenplay of a horror movie, rather than a description of an injury occurred at a sports event. What remains to be done then? Nothing. Valentino Rossi, these risks know them well and if he has decided to run to Aragon, he obviously knows that he will try in all ways to keep away from trouble. Of course not all falls on the track take place on their own responsibility and can confirm that anyone has crossed their trajectories with Iannone in the last two years. But Valentino Rossi in Aragon will probably be far from the trouble, because he knows a mistake here, he could have a really overly salty bill to pay for anyone.

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