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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Valentino Rossi will try to Race at Aragon

Valentino Rossi YZF-R1M
Valentino Rossi YZF-R1M

It won't be long until we get official affirmation, however Valentino Rossi has effectively settled on his choice - he will attempt to race at Aragon. Recently, a couple of laps on the R1 at Misano before the rain fell influenced him to understand that it may very well be conceivable.

Today, retreat from the Italian track, this time together with his Academy riders, that little expectation has expanded. While yesterday he was just ready to finish 4 laps, the present test was longer and revealed to him substantially more.

The climate was additionally better, with just a light sprinkling of rain, practically as though it too seeks after the Doctor's arrival. The critical thing is that, in spite of the agony and the reality he just had surgery 19 days back, Valentino can ride.

He was on track with a R1 however, a supersport that however capable and mechanical, doesn't stretch the body like a MotoGP. Getting on his M1 will be another story and Rossi is very much aware of that. This doesn't change the way that he needs to attempt. He will see the Aragon circuit specialists to get the all unmistakable on Thursday, before getting on the bicycle on Friday morning.

At exactly that point will he truly have the capacity to comprehend in the case of contending in a 23-lap race is practical or not. Michael Van der Mark will be in the carport in any case, prepared to take up the reins in the event of any issues.

Valentino will get back on a MotoGP bicycle only 21 days after his damage, an altogether record.

"Valentino Rossi wants to race at Aragon? If he does it, he obviously feels ok. If he feels ok, why shouldn't he race. If he races it's because he feels able to do so. There are tough things to predict or judge. Coming back only to take part in practice wouldn't make sense, but racing would comments Giacomo Agostini to Ansa.

A rider's brain is a mysterious thing, capable of incredible things. Rossi is another shining example.

The official Yamaha release confirms Valentino's 20 laps on the R1 this afternoon with “better sensations than yesterday”.
It also states that “Rossi will undergo further medical checks tomorrow, after which he will make a final decision as to whether to try and take part in the Aragon Grand Prix”.

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