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Thursday, December 14, 2017

In the end, Yamaha confirms: Valentino Rossi was right

The tests have clarified that the Doctor had seen us right when he claimed that the 2017 bike was worse than the previous one. If they had listened to it before

ROME- It was not an open rivalry, as in the days when he shared the box with Jorge Lorenzo. Yet, the dualism that was created between Valentino Rossi and Maverick Vinales in their first year of cohabitation has nevertheless created many problems for Yamaha: no longer, this time, on a human level, but certainly on the technical level. If the Diapason's house seemed to completely lose its way to development during the troubled 2017, it was because at the beginning of the season, during the crucial phase of the winter tests, the two pilots had pushed in different directions. The newcomer seemed enthusiastic about the latest model of the M1, also supported by his results; the most expert pointed out how the canvas revolution had created a bike that was kinder to the tires, as Japanese engineers hoped, but on the other hand it was practically impossible to set up, especially in conditions of poor adherence. At the beginning the Vinales line prevailed, then, when the troubles emerged in an explicit and disastrous way, Iwata tried to run for cover with a burst of new frames based on Rossi's indications: and the situation is initially improved, but it did not take long for the whole team to fall into total confusion.

Pros and Cons
Meanwhile, from the outside, the Yamaha crisis was judged with two diametrically opposed reading keys. The supporters of the Doctor were convinced that the decisive error had been committed in the winter when the team had chosen to follow the instructions of the Spaniard snubbing those of the Italian, the only one to have a comparison with the previous versions of the bike Japanese. His detractors, on the contrary, malignant that, in order to avoid fooling the nine times world champion, the leaders had agreed to modify the chassis according to his will, while compromising the chances of his teammate to win the World Cup. This groove of voices was finally joined by that of Johann Zarco who, after running for the whole season with the 2016 version, just got on 2017 he was enthusiastic about it. Who was right?
The confirmation of the tests
In order to try to understand something, the Yamaha technicians had to organize a complete comparison test between all the available chassis and engine variants during the collective tests of Valencia and the solo ones at Sepang. The result of which he revealed the same Valentino Rossi on the occasion of his recent radio interview with the microphones of Deejay called Italy: "The tests went well, we tried the bike with the old chassis, that of 2016, we all agree that the 2017 bike was worse. Now we have to wait and check the new bike, there will be something interesting. We are at a delicate moment, from here to February (when the tests will start again, ed)Yamaha must make the leap in quality by working on the chassis and the engine. The starting point will be the bike of 2016. I and Maverick have done the bulk of the work, now the ball passes to the Japanese». In short, rather than insist on bending the 2017 model that did not want to know, the Japanese have thought it was easier to reduce the wear of the tires of 2016: "Unlike my Viñales, arrived this year from Suzuki, with the moto 2017 immediately went strong - continued Vale -So I thought maybe I was not fit and we continued with that project. But it was a mistake because we lost a lot of time. What was not working? We did a lot of research, struggled especially where there was little grip and temperatures were high. When we came back to Jerez, after the first races, the real trouble started for us». As if to say that in the end, Yamaha has given reason to him, Valentino Rossi, with the regret that if he had followed his advice first perhaps the season would have had a different story. His moral revenge, therefore, the number 46 has already been taken. Now it's up to that on the track, this time with an M1 (hopefully) really competitive.

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