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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Rossi: Vinales "frustration" should be droped

Valentino Rossi thinks that MotoGP's teammate Maverick Vinales should not enter into unrealistic expectations after Yamaha's ineffective performance during the winter.

The Spanish driver completed two of the pre-season tests in the first place and finished fifth in Qatar.
Commenting that the test in Thailand is the worst test he's done with Yamaha, Vinales said it was hard to stay positive in the Qatar test.
Rossi asked if Vinales had been disappointed, "Yes, Maverick looks desperate, but at the end of the day it was 4 or 5." and  Maverick wants to be first by 1 second, and when he does not, he is unhappy! " he joked saying.
"Of course this is a different approach, very young and always wanting to be on the front, but Modern MotoGP has changed a lot because the limits of the tires are very close to everyone, which hurts you."
All three Yamaha drivers completed the Qatar test in the top five, while Tech 3 driver Johann Zarco ranks first.
"What we saw during the winter tests was that the situation changed from piste to piste as it was last year," Rossi said.
"We have had a lot of trouble in Thailand, but we are competitive in Qatar, it's a difficult situation, I hope it will be the same for everyone."
"It is very important for us to have a lot of problems on difficult tracks, we all look very close and the limit between being strong/weak is really too narrow." said.
Rossi, Motosikletin voiced concern about race performance.
"We try a lot of things to improve and we are trying to develop front tires and we do not know what will happen during the race."
"We look strong until the end of the race, but we have to figure out what will happen after a round of 10."
"Last year we had a problem, which was usually a problem, and if I looked at it from my point of view, it was exactly where I had problems."
The Italian driver said on the last day of the test he preferred a different front tire and caused the accident to happen.
"I was doing a hard tire test at the front because I had difficulty seeing the end of the race with other tires I like, so I tried hard tires, I did not feel well and made a little accident."

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