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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

We worked a lot on the new bike - Valentino Rossi

Valentino Rossi: “We worked a lot today, even though the weather conditions weren’t fantastic. Every now and then we had some rain, we had to stop and start like this, but the track conditions were quite good anyway. We worked a lot on the new bike and made another comparison with the old one, and the feeling isn’t too bad. Some things were better, and we also have some areas where we need to work.”

“It [the package at the Jerez test] is exactly the same, Yamaha are working hard on the engine. But you know it's not easy, you need time because the difference is quite big. The Valencia and Jerez tracks are not the perfect ones to understand the top speed but you already feel something. For sure we need to work but at this moment the engine is just like the one in Valencia.”

“Yes, you know if you want to make an engine which is faster, its not so difficult. The problem is to have the power but with a good power delivery. And with Yamaha we work very much because we need the top speed but must do better with the power delivery. Under this point of view they work and we already feel something but it's not enough.”

#JerezTest Day1

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