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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Valencia Rossi - Hamilton : Vale drives the Mercedes, Lewis rides the Yamaha

In the Spanish circuit, the two champions of the engines gave the show. For the English, the first to get on track, it was the first time on MotoGp. Excellent results for both drivers

VALENCIA - Valentino at the wheel of Hamilton's Mercedes, Lewis riding Rossi's Yamaha: ready, go. For over eight hours, the two star players of the engines - 9 world titles for the Doc, 6 for the British - gave a show, alternating on the Spanish track in an extraordinary crossover challenge but behind closed doors, because this is what the sponsor organizer of the event (and that only tomorrow will communicate times and details of the day of rehearsals).

Around 9 am the first to test the Ricardo Tormo circuit was Hamilton, who was at his debut with a MotoGp: a few months ago the Petronas rider had climbed on a Yamaha R1 Sbk and was also tumbled to the ground, making white hair to the Mercedes clan. Instead yesterday - the privileged few present - the things would have gone very well. After a certain number of laps Hamilton took on Valentino with F1, also "very powerful". Then again Lewis and again Rossi - without even the time to stop for a sandwich! - until 5.30 pm, when the arrival of darkness forced the two friends to leave the track with their respective teams. Happy as children.


  1. Great to know it went well, can't wait for the results and footage... In my next life I hope to play with these engines but for now I'm happy with KX450, ZX10 and a Bell 206 :)

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  3. The high results are the main characteristic of both participants. Each race is an occasion to demonstrate their skills on the track once again

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